PRP Treatment

Look And Feel Young with the Best PRP Treatment in Dubai

One of the most effective wound healing treatments, PRP or Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy has helped a large number of patients with not just body pains and injuries, but also in improving skin texture, fine lines and for hair loss treatments. PRP treatment is a form of cosmetic treatment which has shown a great promise and surprising results to treat physical injuries and lines and wrinkles of your skin. It mobilizes the stem cells of the areas that you wish to get rated, with the use of own body tissue for a more gradual and a natural chance.

*Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy involves injection or micro-needling of the patient’s own platelets and fibrin for the treatment of hair loss. Known in Holywood as the “vampire facelift” for facial treatments and “vampire hairlift” for hair loss treatment, it takes about 20 minutes for each treatment, and offers improvements for up to 18 months or more. Celebrities such as famous Kim Kardashian, supermodel Bar Refaelli, Anna Friel, Amanda Platell, Danni Minogue, etc

Platelets play a role in stopping bleeding and in repairing damaged blood vessels and cells in the body. Platelets also contain substances called “growth factors” that activate and rejuvenate cells in our body. This procedure uses the patient’s natural biology to address hair loss and hair thinning, triggering production of new cells and collagen formation.

Platelets have many functions and it was used for many years in orthopedic medicine.  It is widely used nowadays in aesthetic dermatology, skin wound healing, facial rejuvenation and hair loss restoration.

PRP increases collagen production, bone mineralization, cell differentiation and recruitment of other cells to the site of inquiry to assist with healing.

*If you are looking for a good and cost-effective treatment for PRP in Dubai, you will undoubtedly find a vast range of options such as clinics, physicians, and doctors who actually recommend such treatments to patients. Wellbeing Medical Centre is one of the best clinics offering PRP treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma)  for face-lift and for hair loss. It improves tissue health by injecting the blood drawn from our bodies, and this very aspect of PRP treatment has contributed to its popularity and success.

*Benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy

  • People suffering from wounds and other injuries can witness a speedy and effective recovery with PRP treatments.
  • PRP is also a cosmetic surgery and can help people seeking to treat the lines, wrinkles, and improve their skin condition.
  • Very fine lines and skin condition under the eyes and in the neck can also be treated with this form of a surgical method.
  • If you find the treatment failing at some point, you can always go for another one immediately. PRP treatments can be repeated over and over again because of risks and dangers void in the process.

*The results of PRP treatment:

  • Depending on the skin texture and type, PRP results can vary from person to person. Some get immediate results, some others will get results within the second session.
  • You have to go for several treatments in order to get the best results. PRP is a continuous process which requires quite some effort and time to be put in from your end.
  • The results of platelet-rich plasma therapy last very long. And by long, it means years and not moths or weeks.
  • You can get risk-free results as the PRP treatment does not involve any chemicals or abrasive cosmetic methods. It is our own blood and tissue that the treatment works it, and it truly does wonders on our skin.

The demand of PRP in Dubai has grown incessantly over a couple of years. Platelet-rich plasma is a treatment quite different from lasers and other cosmetic surgeries, it is quite natural. Just the sound of this treatment is a very safe and comprehensive, and it I a popular choice amongst people looking to treat old age lines and wrinkles quickly and affordable. Take the most advantage of the PRP treatment and get a clearer and younger looking skin in no time.

*Platelet Rich Plasma – FAQ

* Results may vary from person to person.